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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia this fox 29 news at 6:00. developing at 6:00 a new look for one of the most popular retail stretches in philadelph philadelphia. jewelers row has been a gem in the city for decades but now there's a push to bring down some of that history and put in a big new project in its place. good evening, and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the new project left the neighborhood divided with some feeling it's time for change. fox 29's bruce gordon live in jewelers row tonight. bruce, some you spoke with say this idea doesn't have, well, a good ring it to. >> reporter: i got what you did there. yeah, look there's no question about it. for the most part, jewelers row is not a place where people live. it's a place where people work it's a mace where people shop. but a major builder wants to change the formula. that has some folks screaming. frank schaeffer has been cutting diamonds and designing jeweler on the 700 block of sansom street for years.
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he says he hires temple grads, pay as living wage. in short he believes he's an asset to jewelers row but now -- >> i'm told i have to leave. because they want to build an 80 unit, 16-story condominium complex. >> reporter: preparations are already underway in front of five buildings toll brothers wants to demolish to make way for a complex that would add a hefty dose of residential to america's oldest diamond district. >> roberto, told sold three of the buildings to toll brothers. he spent this day getting signatures on a petition gauging community approval for the tow tower. >> you believe there's real support for this? >> absolutely. >> reporter: you think this will revitalize the block if anything. >> my god, yes. yes. >> 100%. >> reporter: moat those renting apartments or jeweler row or art studios disagree. folks like katie. >> it's not only like a historical place that deserves
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to be pre served it's a cultural place to deserves to be preserve. >> you don't see this as fitting in the block? >> no. >> reporter: many jewelers wonder where were these concerns before? >> nobody has cared down here for the past 50 years what happened or building that is were redone or facades that were changed. >> reporter: frank schaeffer believes the new neighbor who's may be on the way will ruin what has taken well over a century to build here. >> it will destroy the whole commune n it will destroy the whole jewelers row the way it has been for many, many years. >> reporter: now, permitting official assure me nothing about this is a done deal. not even the demolition to get things started has been given final approval. so whatever happens here those big changes on the way are likely to be many months away. in the meantime, expect the squabble link to continue much lucy? >> all right, bruce. happening right now, investigators are trying to determine why a driver lost control and ended up in a multi car crash that killed a little boy. the crash had traffic backed up
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for hours on i-76 and others in the boy's family are in the hospital investigators say they have found some troubling clues. >> but still a lot of questions remain as of now. our karen hepp is covering the crash investigation. >> reporter: such a sweet innocent face. this is the little five-year-old boy who lost his life this morning in a terrible car accident. his name is ravon according to devastated family members asking for prayers on facebook. his two-year-old sister and two other adult relatives were raced here to lehigh valley hospital. the driver 54-year-old nadine walton is in critical condition. >> the operator for unknown reasons at this time lost control of the vehicle, struck a guardrail and came to rest in the eastbound travel lanes. >> reporter: the car stopped spinning in the middle of the left lane of busy i78 in lower saucon township a sitting duck. within seconds it was struck by two more vehicles. this kia and this dodge caravan both drivers suffered minorsare but the devastation to the family inside the mangled nissan was overwhelming.
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investigators say both children and one adult were ejected from the car. >> it was obviously a horrible scene. any time someone dies in an accident, it's hard on the rest gators as well as the families of those involved and then when child is involved, it's actually worse. our condolenc condolences do goe families. >> reporter: fatal crash shut down i78 for more than 11 hours. backing up traffic all over the lehigh and northampton county areas. investigators say they did find containers of alcohol in the vehicle. >> it's on-going investigation. we're working in conjunction with the coroner's office with the district attorney's office and right now we can't speculate on any charges until that investigation is complete. >> reporter: both the drivers of those other vehicles were taken to the hospital. we check with them. they were treate treated and hae been release. very latest from outside the lehigh valley hospital, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. in the city's angora neighborhood police are searching for whoever opened fire on man along 5800 block of hov fan street.
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officers arrived at the scene seven colt l 30:00 last night. they found 24-year-old darrell singleton shot in the head lying on the street. doctors pronounced him dead at penn presbyterian hospital investigators are not sure of a motive. atlantic city police say officer josh vadell could be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. officer vadell was shot and wounded back on september 3rd as he and his partner came across an armed robbery in front of the caesars casino parking garage. two men were arrested for their alleged rolls in the shooting of that officer. police say officer vadell will be transferred to a rehab center to continue his recovery. things are heating back up in your fox 29 weather authority. here's look at allentown after an early taste of fall. summer is making a come back and we're all looking at some more days in the 90's. how long will that last? meteorologist kathy orr is out in old city tonight. kathy? >> guess what, iain? if you look really close to that picture of allentown the sky is getting dark a cod front is moving through, and they will expect a few showers but in old
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city philadelphia we are high and dry. look behind me plenty of blue sky the sun getting lower on the horizon. folks enjoying the evening just being outside. it's awesome. and we have some record breakers to talk about. here's some record highs today. wilmington we broke the record for 93 degrees. new record high in trenton of 93. philadelphia into tied the record at atlantic city airport of 92. in allentown tied the record of 91. in reading the high temperature 91 degrees. but no record warmth there. temperatures around the region right now still on the mild side. most of us still in the 90's but look what happened in allentown just a few moments ago. we fell from 90 to 82 with clouds and a few showers. a cold front will be moving through during the evening and the overnight with a dramatic drop in temperature. so by 7:00 p.m., in the city it will be 85. falling through the 70s this evening with some clouds. a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm mainly to the north and west of philadelphia during
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the evening period. and other than that, we'll see fairly quiet conditions as that cooler air moves in. coming up we'll talk about a drought watch that is in effect for a good part of the region. and some weekend rain. we need it. but some bad timing. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day forecast. we'll zen it back to you. >> sounds good, thank you so much, kathy. philadelphia police trying to find a killer who stabbed a man to death. firefighters found his body three days ago in a burning apartment. police say the killer stabbed 64-year-old robert lynch over and over. they say the fire badly burned his body which was already decomposing. firefighters found lynch's body in that apartment in the 500 block of east church lane in east germantown on monday. in camden county, church community says it is rebuilding after fire ripped through the historic site. that fire started just before midnight in the basement of temple of praise minute trees that's on the 7500 block of river road in pennsauken.
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the current congregation is small and has been there for just nine years. but church leaders believe the building itself is about 150 years old. investigators are looking into what started that fire. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is in new york city tonight and just wrapped up speaking to the united nations. the impact 2030 program aims to achieve what it calls sustainable development goals ending poverty and hunger and creating a clean environment a few of its goals it looks to make it happen with the help of volunteers. kenney used his appearance to talk about the fight to end poverty and highlight his universal pre k program here in philadelphia. over the next five years, we will create 25 community schools that are designed to help our students succeed academically, by addressing challenges students face outside the classroom whether it be hunger, homelessness or violence. >> the mayor also talked about the city's investments in parks and libraries. kenney hopes that other cities
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will follow philadelphia' lead. >> environmental agencies in philadelphia and camden are focused on improving the water quality in our area and they kicked off river days today at an event at the seaport museum and this mark the beginning of a whole shrew of events definitelying into water quality issues. leaders say protecting the river is critical since it provides drinking water to millions of people living in philadelphia and camden. >> continuing to connect people to the rivers on -- on -- for recreation, for economic development and for the environmental integrity of that resource is very important part of the success of the region. very important part of the success of a balanced eco system in this river. river days activities will run for the next six weeks across our area. new at 6:00 no matter what you're there for a day in court can be stressful and now one local courthouse man's bev friend helping make things little easier.
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we'll take through. you may be perfectly comfortable with catching an uber but what about an i can brrr with no driver? you know what? it's happening right now in pennsylvania. we've got how it works. hello, sean. >> lucy, we catch up with one of the eagles defensive lineman to talk about how good this defense can be and we discover something a little bit different about his eating habits. that's coming up later in sports. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts.
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and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. ♪ heading into court can be a stressful, stressful thing for most adults. so you can only imagine how a child would feel in a big old courthouse. but now, some furry four legged friends are helping ease the fears. >> for the first time dogs are added to courthouse in our area. fox 29's joyce evans here now. joyce, these pups play big roll. >> they sure do. you guys know this. for years the love for therapy dogs calming nerves and bringing smiles in nursing homes and in schools. now they're going where the tension is always high.
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aerial means frangelica outside their new job. >> does she not like like an ariel? she does, doesn't she? does they are special agents all volunteer joining the delaware county justice league at the county courthouse. >> you have a child that you're proud of. whether it has fur or not. it's so nice to have other people love her as well. >> reporter: they and their human partners are assigned by common pleas judge nathaniel nichols to perform a critical delegate indicate task involving children called to testify. >> i would see those children in the waiting area and you can tell from their bed language how fearful they were. how uncomfortable they were. >> reporter: judge nichols is life long dog lover saw therapy dogs in action in another state. paws for people had therapy dogs in court in maryland. >> they're able to focus on the dog and not focus on some of the horrific things that might have happened to them, um, it really
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take the pressure off. >> reporter: catherine maloney is local family attorney and paws for people partnered five-year-old frangelica. >> it has been so rewarding that i can't stop. we actually go to six different sights now. >> reporter: both have completed hours and hours of training to work with children inside a court setting. david says he and eight-year-old aerial will be ready. >> she particularly loves children which is why i knew this would be good program for her. >> don't you just love them? delaware county courts are the first in our area and the first in pennsylvania paws for people says that courts in new castle county, delaware, may be next. they're already talking about it. >> great. >> so far they have eight therapy dogs ready to work in the courtroom waiting areas. ariel and frangelica start bringing the love next week. iain and lucy. >> i love it! one of them was a rescue dog. >> absolutely.
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>> frangelica. >> win/win. >> an exciting day in pittsburgh where uber riders loaded into driver less cars. >> the cogan a new pilot program that could be the wave of the future. may be a ways off. on the horizon ford fusions picking up rider noose volunteered to participate in this testing. the cars are loaded with features allowing them to navigate on their own still an uber engineer will sit in the driver's seat and take over if there are any problems. what could go wrong? >> experts say it could be decades before the public is being driven around in fully driver less vehicles because the safety of cars has to be tested in the real world conditions. >> you think? >> apparently these things are having difficulties navigating bridges as well. anyhow, fox 29 weather authority. another great day. >> for me it was beautiful i got to play golf this morning. >> you did get nine. >> 90 degrees a little humid. beautiful for september. >> it was gorgeous. iain said he's partner playing golf was,ing. >> my wife. >> isn't that great. >> she golfed with you. >> nine hole in this morning.
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>> what a guy. i'll tell you. note to hub, right? >> that's right. >> platt bridge looking good. shaking a little bit in the wind. our winds becoming westerly and then northwesterly after a front moves through. still looking at plenty of sunshine in south philadelphia. but that's not the case everywhere. right now in the city 91. the high today 92. tying the record winds out of the west northwest at about 12 miles an hour. we have some rain and cooler temperatures in the poconos. some showers moving in to the lehigh valley. allentown only 82. still 91 in philadelphia. but you can see from our front is. look at these contour lines. temperatures in the 70s and even the 60s to the north and west of this front. to the south and east holding on to the 80s and 90s in philadelphia. points south. this front is dividing line between that warm humid air over us and the cooler and drier air to the north and west. ultimate doppler the showers are spotty in the lehigh valley and berks county. as we take a zoom n you can see few and far between. where we see the rain it's coming down at a pretty good clip. we have a severe thunderstorm
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warning in effect earlier in new york and long island terrible timing there as we look ahead with our future weather, you can see it has a good grip on where the showers are right now and as we advance this, you can see some of them could make it into places like bucks county even northern montgomery county, but they will be weakening as they move toward the south and east. for the rest of us, just a mostly cloudy sky. the problem is, we're not going to get a lot of rain out of this, and we need the rain. right? my hydrangea are dying. scott come to the rescue. tell us there's going to be some rain in our future. >> kathy, just few spotty showers tonight especially far north and west but slim rainfall chances over the next several days. however, by the upcoming weekend the latter half we could see rain across the area but take look at the rainfall deficit for the month of september. many locations an inch up to an inch and a half low where we should be. philadelphia a little over an inch below. wilmington almost an inch and a half blow. take look at reading. almost an inch and a half blow for the month of september. so many locations looking at some parched lawns across the
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area. take look at several of the latest counties added to the drought watch. this issue by the department of environmental protection. you can see it includes places like chester county, delaware county, philadelphia county included berk county toward the lehigh valley and also the poconos due to low stream flows declining ground water and also just the lack of precipitation. so take look at the rainfall chances next several days. tomorrow 91. 43 day 91. a slight chance on saturday. but kathy a better chance by sunday. even then not impressive rainfall totals expected. >> hopefully in the coming weeks, scott. >> thank you very much. one place we're seeing some rain you can see right here a live look at allentown on the horizon from showers and clouds overnight here at home temperatures will be falling with mostly cloudy skies. in the city 65. our suburbs 59. tomorrow 79 degrees across the region. a comfortable seasonal day as you plan your day tomorrow temperatures will be rising into the 70s. by the afternoon after school activities comfortable at 77, 72
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in the evening. extended forecast from the weather authority, 79 friday then we warm the it up over the weekend. clearing monday, tuesday and wednesday warping back up into the 80s above normal. maybe iain can get a little more golf in by next week we'll send it back to you guys. >> i hope so. i have about six more weeks le left. >> you do. you just have to man up a little bit when it drops to 70. >> exactly. (laughter). >> we got little phillies going on. we're taking a look at the past a little bit. >> you going to do that, okay. >> we'll remember the past. 2008 world series team. one of the guys from that team showing the city a lot of love. we catch up with eagles defensive lineman beau allen. he talks about were this season could actually be and his favorite dessert. that may surprise you coming up next in sports.
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ the phil taking on the pirates tonight. just 17 games left in the season. probably 17 games left in ryan howard's career. as a phil. all the guys from the 2008 world series team will be going and today one of those guys showing some love to the city. carlos ruiz put up a billboard on i-95 that said, i loved playing for you. you will always be in my heart. thank you, philly. signed chooch. just a great gesture by guy that meant so much to the city. a guy that fans just absolutely loved. we love you too, chooch. now to the eagles after sunday's performance carson wentz has the number one selling jersey in the nfl since.
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yeah that band wagon really overflowing now. but the team actually going to be great they'll have to rely on defense. tom sled depth check walked 100 yards with beau allen and they talk about where the defense could improve going in against the bears. >> there was a lot of good but i think we kind of -- we made some mistakes that we, um, you know, we can improve on. it's nice when you have week one and you play well but you also know that you can be even bett better. >> you can see the full bow allen chat on "game day live" this sunday at 10:00 a.m. gary cobb, howard eskin, dave spadaro and myself will break down monday's game then at 1:00 o'clock catch the cowboys at washington right here on fox. another thing we learned about beau allen he loves food. obviously not a surprise. he's a big defensive lineman but the surprise was the type of food that beau actually loves. take look at this. a seven layered jell-o. that's his favorite meal.
6:26 pm
family tradition. not burgers, steak, ribs, seven layered jell-o. >> it's a thing of beauty. we do it in a big punch bowl kind of thing. it's like -- >> how high does it get? >> this big for real. i mean supposed to be dessert but we always eat it as an appetizer. there's never really any left over. >> that is random snack. do you have anything random like that seven layer jell-o? >> how much did he eat. >> all of that. he was going to do for eight layer jell-o he we were seven. >> it's a lot of sugar. >> we'll talk more about the food he loves tom srendenschek on "game day live". >> okay. >> exciting stuff. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have great night. inside edition is up next.
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bloomin' great! >> why not share your medical records? >> i mean, should i do it ( i don't care. >> the new revelation from donald trump's medical records. he weighs 236 pounds. then, the college dancer. what she says happened to her on campus. >> this man raped me. d the police told him not to sweat it. >> the shocking way she says did i lead him on? danger in paradise. our shocking investigation. >> on average, one tourist a week dies in hawaii. >> how vacationing in hawaii can turn deadly. plus -- >> i love bread. >> has oprah lost her golden touch? then, too hot for school? storm over the teacher wearing clingy outfits t


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